Map to the NEXT level

What would it mean for you to have the map that shows the path to the NEXT level where your current challenges are effortlessly resolved or become irrelevant?

Effortless Growth

Can you imagine how would it feel to experience effortless growth in your organization based on focusing on the right things at the right time?

Transcend your challenges

Would you like to know the most important areas that are holding back the growth of your organization and how to transcend them?

Build on your strengths

Would you like to know about your hidden treasures, your strenghts that can accelerate growth and push you into the future?

The MAP that represents the consciousness level of an organization

and shows the strengths and areas with most growth potential


If any of these goals or challenges describe you or your situation contact us!

The Reinventing Organizations Map with Szabolcs’ comprehensive assessment helped me to see which areas require more attention in our organization. Our own intuition about what we need to focus on were validated by the results and we have received valuable suggestions how to tackle each field.

Beside these we have received input about where each interviewed member of our staff are on their “path to Teal”. The quotes – even though anonymous – tell amazing stories about the members of our teams, the organization, and even about our leaders.

Kristóf Bárdos

CEO, Digital Natives