Introduction to the Agile software delivery

(Scrum, Kanban and Lean)



Agile mindset, not just the basics…

The agile mindset and methodology is the most efficient and sustainable project management practise known in the software development industry today. Agile is so popular now that the classical models, like waterfall, seem to be the weird and funky ones. Yet, the agile mindset is so novel and surprising that introducing and implementing can be challenging. This training is for agile team members and professionals who work with these teams.

Participants will learn about team dynamics, effective communication, the basic principles of Scrum, Kanban and Lean, the challenges of introducing and running agile teams.

Special advantages of the training

  • The trainers gained their agile knowledge and experience by working in fast growing, industry leader companies as IT leaders
  • Dense yet overarching – The playful exercises turn the thoughts about agile mindset into experience
  • At the end of the training the participants leave with concrete, actionable ideas about the introduction of agile mindset and practises
  • Many examples, tools and methodologies are shown and experienced
  • The training highlights the necessary steps of introducing agile
  • It is well balanced between theory and experience


  • The agile mindset
  • The history of agile and the trends
  • How to choose the best agile methodology for the organization and the project?
  • The evolution of organizations and what are the next steps
  • What is beyond agile?
  • The basics of SCRUM (the most used agile framework)
  • The roles and responsibilities that are necessary for agile operation
  • The minimum required types of meetings for agile
  • Documentation the agile way
  • How by introducing story points learning becomes one of the foundational value of the organization – about estimation…
  • What is Kanban and why it is important to know about it?
  • Lean principles and its practices
  • The role and practices of testing in agile teams
  • The role and practices of operation in agile teams – about DevOps…
  • Quality assurance in agile
  • Software development technologies, tools and methodologies that support agile

Who Would Benefit From This Agile Training

    • Those who are about to introduce agile methodologies or the framework and want to know more about its elements deeper or would like to receive advice regarding their difficulties
    • Who are already using SCRUM or other agile framework and would like to understand why it works and experience when it really comes together and work well
    • Who learned agile from books and would like to experience tips and tricks and alternatives for it practices
    • Who have been using agile for a while and would like to get the new joiners up to speed
    • Project Managers, Program Managers, Analysts, Developers, Programmers, Testers, IT Manager / Directors, Software Engineers, Software Architects, Product Managers, Customers / Stakeholders


There are no defined prerequisites for this course, however instructors suggest participants review The Scrum Guide prior to class.

Your Trainers

Szabolcs Emich

Karoly Molnar