Welcome to the Reinventing Organizations Map IEC collaborator page

I hope you enjoyed the workshop with us on May 25, 2018, about the Reinventing Organizations Map at the IEC.

We are eager to know more about you and how we may assist you on your journey toward the 2nd tier consciousness and the future of work.



“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” ~ William Gibson


Business is an excuse for people to come together day after day and during these contacts hold mirrors for each other and help each other develop. Every organization is a unique place set up by larger forces for those people who are there at any moment. The true purpose of an organization is to provide the playground for people to grow as human beings.

Realizing this deep purpose underneath the missions, financial or other goals of the company is rather difficult, yet that is what one must do in order to step into the 2nd tier consciousness and live the future of work today.

Our purpose is to make these steps as smooth as possible and in the right order. We have created the Reinventing Organizations Map to enable companies to define their own learning journey toward Teal with clear understanding of the bigger picture.


We are looking for collaborators for translations

The Reinventing Organizations Map has been translated to many languages by the community and we hope to cover even more:

  • English – core group
  • Hungarian– core group
  • Portuguese – Lucia Nader, Sergio de Arruda Sampaio
  • Spanish – Israel Antezana, Martin Salias
  • Danish – Vicky Miethe
  • Czech – Dáša Suissa
  • German (in progress) – Jonas Jankus, Tamás Buga, David Ewert
  • French (in progress) – Pierre Robichaud, David Nadasi,
  • Dutch (in progress) – Anouk Brack, Geert Sturtewagen, Ria Baeck, Freek van der Pluijm, Jeroen Vermeer


Each organization development technology is designed to transform an organization in some way. Some helps in horizontal strengthening, making a certain consciousness level healthy, and some aims to vertically grow the company into the next level. The beauty of integral theory is that it includes all properties of an entity, like an organization, and how an OD technology can impact it.

On the example image of Agile technology, you can see all the developmental lines and the levels that are affected by Agile transformation. Click on the map to see more details about the example map of Agile.

In a joint effort we have started working on mapping the organization development technologies with Anouk Brack. If you feel inspired and you are an expert in some OD technology, please fill out our survey by clicking on the button below.

Read more about Anouk

  • Anouk Brack is an internationally acclaimed expert in leadership development.
  • Her expertise lies with Embodying Leadership, which means practicing to walk your
    talk, together, also under pressure.
  • Unique in her approach is the Skill – Stage – State development, instead of just leadership skill.
  • She is the author of the successful Dutch book “The Hidden
    Dimension of Leadership” that part of the longlist for management book of the year.
  • She has 20+ years experience in training and coaching both individuals and groups.

Contact Anouk with your questions and remarks at anouk.brack@anouka.nl


We have been working on an online survey prototype that measures the consciousness level of the organization. Our major partners in creating the questionnaire are Lorraine Flower from Azzur and Chris Rew from The Parallax Partership.

We are getting close to beta testing it, so if you’d like to contribute by taking part in the testing, please let us know.

If you have some special expertise in making online surveys, please let us know, we are eager to learn from others.

Read more about Lorraine

As a Corporate change agent, consultant, coach and mentor Lorraine founded azzur being completely transparent about the spiritual principles on which it operates and has worked with clients across the business spectrum from transport (naturally) to financial services, retail to health, local government and the wider public sector.

Read more about Chris

As an experienced coach and coach supervisor, I am passionate about supporting and developing leaders beyond their current capacity, beyond what they currently believe to be possible.

In looking beyond the current day to day interactions, I like to challenge leaders to think on a bigger, grander and more long-term scale. Alongside this, I see organisational development as a deliberate strategic intervention to deliver results. I am constantly looking at new and innovative ways to improve individual, team and organisational performance.


Organizational assessment

The most effective and fastest way to Teal / Future of Work is to help organizations understand where they stand and design their journey with them. Our organization assessment system provides clear, doable organizational development plan customized for those who seek to grow.

Organizational Development

We are passionate about designing, executing and supporting vertical transformational journeys for organizations that lead toward the Teal paradigm. These journeys may contain several components; assessment, trainings, coaching, facilitated workshops and research suitable technologies for the challenges of the organization.


We provide standalone and series of trainings on many Teal topics that help organizations become more aware and conscious. Some examples:

  • Life in a Teal Organization
  • The role of leadership in Teal transition
  • The inner workings of the multi paradigm organizations


Our coaching approach includes both standard, proven methods that deal with wounds, blockages, dreams, goals and help the individuals to find the gift in their difficulties that propels them forward, and cutting edge 2nd tier, Teal technologies that focus on discovering unbounded and unlimited internal energy sources that individuals are able to access without going through pain first.

Facilitated workshops

Our unique, tailor made facilitated workshops lead organizations through a journey to be able to tackle their most pressing challenges. Examples are discovering both individual and collective purpose and their interwoven nature, deal with internal conflicts through awareness and empathy, build community, generate cohesion in teams. We focus on activating 2nd tier qualities in the group by focusing on both learning from the past and sensing into the future.

Train the trainer for org assessment

We work with organization development consultants who are eager to learn how to map organization consciousness through shadowing and coaching.

We are planning to develop an online course that will help coaches and consultants learn the basics quickly.