How can we use wisely the enormous energy of the current global metamorphosis
for the transformation of organizations?

The Integral Hub celebrated its first anniversary in May 2020 and our Reinventing Organizations Facebook group had more than doubled in this time. We were at more than 5’100 members in May 2020.


First Global Open Space Event – May 12, 2020 Online Event

 We met on May 12 in an open space format to unite, celebrate and share. It was a very creative and
beautiful coming together with people from all over the planet.

The question we discussed was the following:

 How can we use wisely the enormous energy of the current global metamorphosis

for the transformation of the organizations?

After the welcoming and a common meditation we started with the open space format. Using the QiqoChat platform, everybody could offer to host topics and all others made their choices of which topic they wanted to join. So for an hour we met in smaller groups in different rooms.

These were the topics we discussed:

  • Heart space meditation for the conference and for all participants who want to join.
  • How to keep in touch with each other after this open space and find the common points easily to advance social causes?
  • Sharing experiences of the “Work that Reconnects” to help organizations grow “active hope”
  • How we can contribute and use our knowledge and experience for motivating communities to change?
  • People are feeling uncertain / on deep water these days, and are just craving for the day when everything is “back to normal”. Is there a way of getting in there now, to change their mindset into seeing that there is an alternative? How can we positively take advantage of people’s need for certainty/answers?
  • How to navigate the high level of complexity we face
  • Purpose Ecosystem – why not work together? How much collaboration would be a minimum? How to establish trust?
  • How to move on to new solutions when we’re kind of trapped in old habits? How to create (psychological) safety for people to let go known things and explore new ways?
  • Orange to green – how does this change start in an organisation?
  • To bring self-management to teams in retirement home for elderly
  • ReOrgMap – Best practices for explaining, introduction and usage during organizational transformation.
  • Creating business in the new paradigm
  • You have to deal with different worldviews. Most people on (work)places where decision are made, do not have a more comprehensive view. It is difficult to deal with that an d to bridge the gap between what could be and what is happening most of the time (and at the same time be aware of your own moments of narrow-mindedness, when under stress for instance).

Stay connected

You can still go to QiqoChat. Even if you have not participated, you can register as a member, fill out your profile and check out the rooms. There is also a live chat, where you can leave messages to all.

Other ways to connect, communicate and give feedback:

One of the members of our group sent us a poem before the event that she wanted to share with all of us, saying that this was a message from the Universe. We were reading this before our meditation and would like to post it here:

We have arrived,
At the edge of a new beginning,
A new consciousness,
We have all been on our individual paths,
We have traveled,
We have lived,
We have loved,
We have lost,
But today,
We will discover new light,
New sound,
Unknown voices,
We will see a new vision,
a new emerging,
A space,
To be discovered,
Come in,
Bring in your highest energy,
Your highest vibration,
Look inward,
All answers are right here.

And here is a collection of comments in the live chat during the event:

“That has been a precious gift today.  Only for this, the session already gave me a lot!”  (half an hour into the event)

“I’m touched by the fact that there are  so many people here today with the same good intention and likewise thinking. I’m grateful!”

“A flower sprouting new life through cracking dense asphalt”

“Great connection and co-creative thoughts. It felt almost natural to do it”

“it was so beautiful to feel the whole world at the beginning of the 15 minutes”

“Seems both “positive” and “negative” image fractions wanted to emerge…”

“A powerful moment and gift to have a sharing between humans in Serbia, Mexiko and Germany about the collective experience we are jointly going through”

“Thank so much for this beautiful opportunity of sharing. It was a great experience.”

 “thankssss all for investing this time here … I was surprised and I am fulfilled now….”

“The way you managed the event both technically and theme -wise was superb.Congratulation”

 “we are all InterConnected!!!” 

We will plan further events and post future activities on all our channels. We thank you all for being part of this global integral movement and look forward to meeting you again soon. Meanwhile we stay connected in the heart and in the energy field.

The Integral Hub Team

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