“The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.” ~ William Gibson


Business is an excuse for people to come together day after day and during these contacts hold mirrors for each other and help each other develop. The true purpose of an organization is to provide the playground for people to grow as human beings.

Realising this deep purpose underneath the missions, financial or other goals of the company is rather difficult, yet that is what one must do in order to step into the 2nd tier, Teal consciousness and live the future of work today.

Our purpose is to help these steps with inspiration, reflections, facilitation, coaching… We have created the Reinventing Organizations Map to enable companies to define their own learning journey toward Teal with clear understanding of the bigger picture.


Organizational Assessment

The most effective and fastest way step toward Teal / Future of Work is to help organizations understand where they stand and design their journey with them. Our organization assessment system provides clear, doable organizational development plan customized for those who seek to grow.

Organizational Development

We are passionate about designing, executing and supporting vertical transformational journeys for organizations that lead toward the Teal paradigm. These journeys may contain several components; assessment, trainings, coaching, facilitated workshops and research suitable technologies for the challenges of the organization.


We provide standalone and series of trainings on many Teal topics that help organizations become more aware and conscious.


Our coaching approach includes both standard, proven methods that deal with wounds, blockages, dreams, goals and help the individuals to find the gift in their difficulties that propels them forward, and cutting edge 2nd tier, Teal technologies that focus on discovering unbounded and unlimited internal energy sources that individuals are able to access without going through pain first.

Facilitated Workshops

Our unique, tailor made facilitated workshops lead organizations through a co-creative journey to be able to tackle their most pressing challenges. Examples are discovering both individual and collective purpose and their interwoven nature, deal with internal conflicts through awareness and empathy, build community, generate cohesion in teams. We focus on activating 2nd tier qualities in the group by focusing on both learning from the past and sensing into the future. We are using tools and methods like Theory U, systemic constellation, Art of Hosting, Transformative Scenario Planning.


Life in a Teal Organization

  • Do you feel that something isn’t right about how we think about work today, but you don’t necessarily know what to do about it?
  • Have you heard about the Teal movement that wants to humanize the workplace and you would like to know more?
  • You might theoretically know the Teal consciousness, but can you imagine that for example self management would work or how it would work in the organization where you work?
  • Would you like to known more about what is beyond Agile and where is the future heading in the world of work?

If you have these lingering thoughts this workshop is for you.

On this introductory workshop you will

  • Experience the consciousness levels of the human development through playful exercises and understand how the strengths of these consciousnesses build upon each other and how they show up at work.
  • Understand how the continuously increasing complexity of the world drives the development of the organizations through evolution
  • See examples of organizations that made (r)evolutionary changes and operating on a close to Teal level

We invite you to explore the future of work with us and see what you can do differently at your workplace tomorrow.

The role of leadership in Teal transition

Many leaders wonder about the role of leadership in self-managing teams.

  • What do you really want?
  • Who makes decisions?
  • How does conflict get resolved?
  • Who is helping the team perform?
  • What makes the team stick together if there’s no clear leader?
  • Most importantly, how can a team implement self-management and what happens with the original leader of the team?

On this workshop you will learn:

  • about stages of team formation and the role of leadership in each stage
  • the transition of the “leader” role between consciousness levels especially when the team changes to self-management
  • the connection between freedom, responsibility and discipline and their interconnected development
  • experience the development of responsibility, focus, discipline through playful exercises

Join us for this 2 days workshop to start or enhance your journey toward self-management.

The inner workings of the multi paradigm organizations

  • Do you have difficulty with people understanding and accepting the way you work and organize yourself or your department?
  • Does it feel like an endless battle against extreme odds just to get by with other departments?
  • Do other departments look like total chaos to you and you can’t imagine how they get anything done?
  • Is it painful for you to see when people go always by the book and any change takes years to implement?

As humanity matures there are more and more consciousness levels live alongside each other. Unfortunately one worldview can only talk to and understand the adjacent consciousness levels. This creates situations where people are unable to cooperate, because they view the world so differently.

On this workshop you will experience and learn about

  • the communication style of the different world views
  • what is important to the different world views
  • practical tools to prepare yourself for talking to people in different paradigms
  • strategies that can assist you helping people talk to each other in a language that they both understand

We invite you to join us on this revolutionary communication training where you will focus on translating between consciousness levels.

Teal Governance - Holacracy

Can you imagine that there’s a proven, robust way to distribute authority and decision making in self-managing Teal organizations that also maintains order and control?

Holacracy aims to do that. It is a customizable self-management practice for organizations that empowers people to make meaningful decisions in pursuit of the organization’s purpose.

On this workshop you will:

  • Learn about an alternative way to structure, govern, and run an organization
  • Experience a transformative governance process that creates crystal clear expectations even while dynamically evolving as-needed
  • Interactively explore the Holacracy distributed authority structure, and learn how it scales across large organizations
  • Experience Holacracy’s lightning-quick, action-focused Tactical Meetings
  • Understand what is the spice you should add to Holacracy constitution to make it alive

We invite you to join our introductory Holacracy seminar to learn what bits and pieces you might be able to safely experiment with in your organization.

Foundational Teal skills - Communication and Empathy

  • Do you have difficulty clearly expressing yourself and your needs?
  • Do you have challenges to listen and hear what others are needing from you?
  • Do you have enough of unresolved conflicts and verbal abuse?
  • Would you like to be able to easily create heart to heart connection with others where everyone feels safe to express what is alive in them?

We believe communication, one of the most important life skill, a foundational element that separates us human beings from the animal kingdom, is deeply connected with how we see the world and how we think.

By upgrading our communication skills we influence our worldview and through that we are able to see problems from a different angle with empathy. That allows an opening for change in ourselves, in others and in social systems.

On this workshop you will experience, learn about and practice:

  • The power of empathy – what it means to listen with an open heart
  • Express a point of view with clarity, authenticity and caring
  • Self empathy – The way to connect to oneself before I can hear others
  • How to make clear requests without demand that allows the other to express why he or she will not be able to fulfill your request that allows the creation of a real agreement that will satisfy everyone’s needs.
  • How to catch yourself in thinking and speaking when you block heart to heart connection

We invite you to join this experiential workshop where you’ll upgrade your communication skill and worldview to be able to live a more peaceful life.

Foundational Teal skills - Facilitation

Facilitation is one of the mandatory skills for organizations moving toward Teal. In order for humans to collaborate on a deep level, a dedicated person, whose sole purpose is to enable teamwork, is very helpful to sense the dynamics in a group and bring unspoken challenges to the surface, through which the group can realign. The facilitator helps people to be present with and deeply connect to each other and the collective intelligence.

On this workshop you will learn about

  • How to run meetings efficiently
  • How to sense if something important is not being spoken and gently bring it to the attention of the group
  • How to host conversation where co-creation occurs by focusing on building on and extending each other ideas
  • How to steward conflict
  • How to create a space where collaboration can flourish

We invite you to explore the power of facilitation through our experiential workshop.

Foundational Teal skills - Agile mindset

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Foundational Teal skills - Self and team reflection

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Foundational Teal skills - Decision making and delegation in the different paradigms

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Foundational Teal skills - Purpose - Find your deeper meaning in life and work

  • Do you really know what is your calling in life?
  • Why do you get up every morning and go to work?

When you do what you believe to be your true lifework, you are filled with energy, joy, gratitude and you do whatever it takes to manifest it.

When days after days, you do not see or feel how your life is being uplifted and progressed by what you do or how you create value for others, it doesn’t matter whether you have free time beside work or not, or what you do in it, after a while you will feel burnt out.

To create the fulfilling life you want to live you need to connect to yourself and seek the answer to the questions:

  • Who you really are?
  • What is your work?

During our training we are working with these 2 deepest questions by looking at the past and learning from the patterns that show up, and sensing into the future, seeking where it is calling you to go. Beside your individual journey we also explore how you contribute to the collective and how that is influencing you. How your individual path crosses the collective path of the organization.

We invite you to join our deeply experiential workshop and find your true purpose in life.

Foundational Teal skills - The purpose of conflict in the different paradigms

  • Is conflict challenging for you?
  • Would you like to work in an environment where you feel safe to talk about any subject?
  • Would you like to feel confident that you have the right tools and experience to deal with any work related conflict?

People with different worldview approach conflict very differently. On one end of the spectrum lies the total fear of conflict with the denial that there is even a problem that could cause conflict and on the other end there’s the seeking of it, the yearning to go into conflict because people know that the opportunity for growth lies there.

Bridging these two sides and the many in between can be rather challenging in some environment and requires delicate listening, negotiation skills and the understanding of the consciousness levels.

On this workshop we will explore:

  • The culture of the different worldviews and their relationship to conflict and the approach and skills to resolve it
  • How to work with different worldviews at the same time regarding conflict
  • How to create a contract around conflict within a team or unit to create psychological safety
  • How to build trust through conflict

Join us for this highly experiential workshop where we will look at and work with your current work related conflicts to help you resolve them.

Burnout prevention

More coming soon…