How can we use wisely the enormous energy of the current global metamorphosis
for the transformation of organizations?


Spanish Edition
September 5/12/20/28, 2023

German Edition
October 3/5/12/19, 2023

English Edition
November 21/23/28 and December 5, 2023


When things fall into place – from fragmented agility in silos
to a holistic transformational perspective.

This workshop is for you, if you want an overview of the integral reinventing organizations map, if you want to learn how to use it in your organization and how it can support you in orchestrating change and transformation!

The whole world is in the midst of a gigantic transformation. It ripples down to all aspects of life. To nations, to governments and politics, to organizations, to communities, families and individuals. We are all challenged to develop new perspectives and new talents, to learn new forms of collaboration and living.

We all know that transformational processes call resistance to the scene. Sometimes blocks and disruptions reach a noisiness that leads to frustration and endangers the transformation and create the impression that it’s not even possible. So in these stormy waters it would be nice to have a guide. Something that helps us to bridge the gaps between different cultures, beliefs and perspectives.

This is exactly what the integral map provides. In this workshop we discuss the elements which make up the map, Ken Wilber’s integral model combined with lines of development that follow the consciousness level model of Spiral Dynamics. This provides a helpful integral map to understand where the organization is today, which helps to clarify the goals and shows the organic path to get there. It helps greatly to understand much better where all these blocks and disruptions come from and how they can best be addressed. The workshop also gives agile teams a deeper understanding of agile values and helps to implement them more effectively in their daily work.

You can view and download the map in different languages at the Atlas platform.

In this course you will learn:

  • To differentiate between systemic, agile, teal and integral
  • Learn about the elements of the map and their origin
  • Understand the importance of personal development in the organization
  • How to orchestrate transformation for everyone
  • Case studies and best practices

We offer this workshop in German, English and Spanish, Spanish is offered with sequential translation.


Course content

  • The integral view
  • Fundamentals of the four-quadrant model
  • Basics Spiral Dynamics
  • Developmental lines
  • The combined organizational map and its application
    How to assess your organization (best practices, case studies)

In the workshop we discuss examples and possible applications. There are countless possibilities to use the map. It helps to unlock the great potential in your organization, both for the personal development of the people who work with it and for the further development of the organization.

Experience shows that sustainable change processes can only succeed if the individual potential of the employees and the interpersonal potential of the organization is activated. Putting new processes in place alone, no matter how agile they are, cannot resolve the blocks. Looking at the organization, the people and teams through the integral glasses of this model opens new perspectives, a new deeper and more differentiated understanding of being human, of diversity and its opportunities and of the true causes of all these blocks and disturbances. And makes it easy to understand what is meant when one speaks of an agile transformation being primarily a “mindshift”.

Some good reasons to register for this workshop

  • I want to understand why we encounter so many blocks and obstacles in our agile transformation and how we can solve them.
  • I would like to broaden my perspective and develop myself personally
  • I have attended a Management 3.0 or other training and would like to deepen my understanding of new forms of organizations and collaboration.
  • I am interested in the Innovations Coaching Training or consider booking a deeper onsite course and would like to get to know the model a bit better before.

Target audience

Entrepreneurs, managing directors, executives, team leaders, project managers, employees in the areas of human resources development and organizational development as well as trainers and consultants. And everyone who wants to better understand where resistances in  transformations come from and how to address them more organically.


Spanish Edition

  • Part 1 – Sept. 5, 2023, 4pm to 8pm CEST
  • Part 2 – Sept. 12, 2023, 4pm to 8pm CEST
  • Part 3 – Sept. 20, 2023, 4pm to 8pm CEST
  • Part 4 – Sept. 28, 2023, 4pm to 8pm CEST

Early Bird price until August 4, 2023

German Edition

  • Part 1 – Oct. 3, 2023, 2pm to 5pm CEST
  • Part 2 – Oct. 5, 2023, 2pm to 5pm CEST
  • Part 3 – Oct. 12, 2023, 2pm to 5pm CEST
  • Part 4 – Oct. 19, 2023, 2pm to 5pm, CEST

Early bird price until September 1, 2023


English Edition

  • Part 1 – Nov 21, 2023, 1pm to 4pm CET
  • Part 2 – Nov 23, 2023, 1pm to 4pm CET
  • Part 3 – Nov 28, 2023, 1pm to 4pm CET
  • Part 4 – Dec 5, 2023, 1pm to 4pm, CET

Early bird price until October 24, 2023


Zoom Online Workshop

It can also be offered physically in a two-day workshop.



Cost& Registration

You can register here.
We would like to make attendance possible for everybody, independent of economical status. So we offer different prices for areas with a high GDP and areas with a low GDP. You can choose the price which suits your situation on registration. We trust this will be treated fairly by everybody.


Cost high GDP

English/German Edition

Early Bird – EUR 560
Regular – EUR 640

Spanish Edition

Early Bird EUR 650
Regular – EUR 740

The cost for the Spanish is higher  due to the extra translation work and the sequential translation. It can also be booked by english speaking participants.

Cost low GDP


Early Bird – EUR 180
Regular – EUR 250


Early Bird – EUR 240
Regular – EUR 345

We added a fourth module to all courses to create space for discussing case studies from the participants.

Special offers

In our globalized world we live in a high contrast in many regards, but especially in economic circumstances. We would like to make this integral understanding available for everybody that wants to integrate this in his life and work. And we don’t want money to be a barrier to this. So if the above low GDP price does not work for you or if you live in a high GDP country and can’t afford the cost, please apply for a special price by sending us an email, and making an offer for what would work for you and why.

Your trainer

Silvia Hagen

Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Author

I work with people, teams and organizations to develop new and holistic forms of collaboration.

My whole life I have been experimenting, learning and researching to find out how consciousness works. And I truly believe that if we are fully committed and focused, almost anything is possible. Even the awesome vision of of world filled with Teal organizations.

Silvia has spent most of her business life as a consultant and coach for many large and mid-sized, mostly international organizations. Since many years she engages in the agile and integral community. She coaches for evolutionary cultural transformation and brings her many years of experience in working with large organizations and complex projects and her education in systemic organizational development to the table. She is a co-founder of the Integral Hub. Find her full profile at

The Integral Map – Fundamentals

The aim of this training is to develop a new understanding of how change can unfold in organizations and how impulses for sustainable change can be set.

If you want to become more familiar with the integral map, how to work with it and how to apply it within your organization and your everyday life and connections, this workshop will be very helpful for you. By diving deeper into the elements of the map, not just from a mental viewpoint, but from integrating a feeling for it, you start the process of making the perspective your second nature.

Participants will learn about the importance of the Integral Model for sustainable transformation processes. Through new personal experiences their perception is enhanced and they learn to set precise and purposeful change impulses for individuals, teams and organizations. They learn to understand the causes of problems instead of focusing on fighting symptoms.


  • The four quadrants
  • The levels of the spiral
  • Developmental lines
  • Types and States
  • How to put it all together
  • Fundamentals and principles of integral organizational development
  • Basics of personality development, neurobiology for perception, conscious focus control (power of intention), emotional intelligence, shadow work, basics of integral coaching
  • How to move from «perseverance» to «willingness to change», to «evolve» and to «innovate»
  • Impact of an open heart culture on people and organizations, culture of potential development, vertical organizational development, intuition and inspiration, presence, subtle competence, leading from the future, sense orientation, Theory U by Otto Scharmer (MIT)


Experience the consciousness levels of the human development through playful exercises and understand how the strengths of these consciousnesses build upon each other and how they show up at work.

Many of he topics are accompanied by group exercises, that deepen the understanding. Learning to look at the world and an organization in an integral perspective is much more than a mental exercise.

Some good reasons to register for this workshop

  • I want to understand why we encounter so many blocks and obstacles in our agile transformation and how we can solve them.
  • I would like to broaden my perspective and develop myself personally
  • I would like to learn how we can improve the quality of our relationships within our organization/teams.
  • I would like to deepen my understanding of new forms of organizations and ways of collaboration.

Target audience

Managing directors, executives, team leaders, project managers, employees in the areas of human resources development and organizational development as well as trainers and consultants. And everyone who wants to understand why transformation can get stuck and how to solve it.

Number of participants

Up to 40, with two trainers


On request, can be 2 days or even up to 5 days, depending on the depth level you are interested in


Onsite or in your town
You can also offer this as a public class in your region


Depending on scope and number of participants


If you are interested, please send us a mail and we will contact you to discuss the details.