Invitation to webinars

In last week’s article we talked briefly about the organizational assessment process we do with the map and asked you in our Facebook group whether you’d like to hear more about it in a webinar or not. Many of you responded enthusiastically and you asked us to consider different time zones as well.

We are inviting you to join one of the webinars if you’d like to:

  • Learn more about the map and the technology behind it
  • Know more about how people use it to work with organizations
  • Learn more about the standard organizational assessment process and its benefits
  • Hear more about the possibility of modifying the map or creating new ones
  • Learn about how to translate
  • Know more about our roadmap
  • Help us understand what you need from us to help you utilize the map in your work
  • Give us ideas what we could be doing with it
  • Inspire others by telling the community how you’ve used it
  • Ask some questions from us regarding the map or the Teal paradigm / Humanizing the workplace

We are offering 3 webinars in 3 different times to accommodate everyone in all timezones.

If you don’t have an account on Facebook drop us a line at and we will register you.

Invitation to the Atlas-Platform v1.0

The reason we created the map and the platform is to help organizations transform into more human workplaces. There are many names for this, humanizing the workplace, the Teal paradigm, Reinventing Organizations, the Future of Work and many others that all point to the same phenomenon, a workplace where people exercise their free will by working together toward some common vision that is aligned with their individual life purpose.

In order to move toward the human workplace, organizations need to work on many factors, the developmental lines on the map represent some of these aspects. The focal point of using the map is to create awareness for these factors and at the same time assess organizations so they know where they are and what is their next step.

The assessment process is currently manual and we are going to talk about it in the upcoming webinars that you can sign up at the top of the page. However, one part of the assessment process is already supported by the first release of the Atlas Platform. This is what I’d like to show you today.

In this first version we focused on two essential features:

  • The visual representation of the map
  • Simplifying translation

The images below show examples of what you can create with the platform:

We released the map under creative commons license, because we believe in the creative power of the community. The translations and the online survey, which we will talk about later, are the fruitful examples.

Thanks to the community we have the map translated into 6 languages that are all available on the platform:

  • English – core team
  • Hungarian – core team
  • Spanish – Israel Antezana R.& Martin Salias
  • Portuguese – Lucia Nader
  • Czech – Dáša Suissa
  • Danish – Vicky Miethe

Now, let’s look at the platform and what it can do for you.

If you are interested in using the Atlas Platform please register